Universal genomic screening for cardiovascular disease

We're making cardiovascular diagnosis possible for anyone on earth

MultiplAI offers a whole blood screening test using RNA sequencing and artificial intelligence to detect complex diseases, including cardiovascular disorders and virtually any cancer.

The unmet need

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of mortality globally, responsible for almost 18 million deaths per year.

Today, diagnostics are often inaccurate and time-consuming. General practitioners still rely on single biochemical markers such as cholesterol and blood pressure which can fail to recognise the signs of increased risk of suffering a major cardiovascular event. In turn, late diagnosis and inadequate prognosis decrease the chances for successful intervention with primary cardiovascular preventive measures, ultimately creating financial and psychological strain for the patient, their families and their doctors.

We want to change this by making routine and frequent screening for cardiovascular diseases possible for anyone on earth.

Image of. RNA

Our solution

We offer a whole blood screening test using RNA Sequencing and Artificial Intelligence to detect virtually any complex diseases, including cardiovascular disorders and cancer.

Rather than searching for a single molecule that identifies a cardiovascular risk, our test identifies molecular variances in the blood that indicate an increased risk of a cardiovascular event.  Imagine measuring all blood RNA changes that a cardiac risk factor may induce at the same time: A powerful, deep and accurate superbiomarker.

This gives MultiplAI the power to:

  • Offer a whole blood liquid biopsy screening test for cardiovascular diseases and other complex diseases.
  • Reliably achieve high diagnostic accuracy
  • Provide screening at a fraction of the cost of existing diagnosis options
  • Predict prognosis and evaluate treatment results
  • Administer testing anywhere you can safely extract a blood sample

Timing is everything

MultiplAI brings together maturing artificial intelligence algorithms, cost-effective sequencing and remote medicine to detect cardiovascular and other complex diseases and better establish prognosis based on the biological substrate.

It’s time to imagine modern universal remote screening for cardiovascular diseases.

Introducing the


With advances in RNA sequencing, bioinformatic processing and deep learning, we now have the power to measure many biomarkers in the blood.

Our patented RNAseq data transformation process makes it possible to represent the incredible complexity of RNA in highly efficient formats ideal for algorithmic analysis.


Our team

Santiago Miriuka

Co-Founder & CEO

Medical doctor with 20+ years in clinical cardiology. Director of a lab of postdocs with 60+ publications working on cutting-edge cellular and molecular biology. Data scientist and coder looking forward to innovating in medicine.

Carlos Luzzani - Co-Founder and CSO

Charlie Luzzani

Co-Founder & CSO

Molecular biologist and biotech specialist with experience co-founding a bioprinting startup (WeBio). Investigator at FLENI-CONICET with 20 peer-reviewed publications.

Mark Ramondt - Co-founder and  CFO

Mark Ramondt

Co-Founder & COO/CFO

Serial entrepreneur, angel investor and advisor to startups with 25+ years of corporate finance and open innovation experience.

Rosana Paggio - Head of clinical operations

Rosana Poggio

Clinical Operations Lead

Nelba Pérez - Biofinformatics Analyst

Nelba Pérez

Biofinformatics Analyst

Alejandro La Greca.- Biofinformatics engineer

Alejandro La Greca

Bioinformatics Engineer

María Olivera - Clinical coordinator

Mary Olivera

Clinical Coordinator


Claudia Solari

Lab Technician

Patricio Rickert - Engineer

Pat Rickert


Steven Ramondt - Marketing and communications

Steven Ramondt

Marketing & Communications


Nir Ayalon, Advisor

Nir Ayalon

Tel Aviv, Israel

Serial entrepreneur and computer scientist with contacts in Europe and Israel, and expertise in data science, engineering and data privacy.

Carl Cook - Advisor

Carl Cook

Cambridge, MA, USA

Senior pharmaceutical executive based in Boston with 20+ years of experience in clinical oncology and precision medicine.

Uday Phadke

Cambridge, UK

A serial entrepreneur and part-time academic based in Cambridge UK : he is the originator of the Triple Chasm Approach, which challenges current dogma about how innovations are commercialised.

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